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How many properties are rentals in Washington, DC?

How large is the Washington, DC rental market?

According to Census Bureau data, there are 315,176 houses in the District, which puts DC behind San Francisco (397k houses) and ahead of Boston (294k houses).

Obviously, not every property in the District is a rental property, though the proportion of rental properties to total housing stock is notably high in DC.

The D.C. Policy Center estimates that 64% of the housing stock in Washington, DC is potentially comprised of rentals. Their specific number of rental units is estimated at 207,400 rental units.

Of that portion of rental properties, 124,641 rentals are units in rental apartment buildings.

And those 124,641 rental units are located in 3,121 buildings, for an average of approximately 40 units per rental apartment building.

So nearly 2 out of 3 properties in Washington, DC - a little over 200,000 total units - are rental units.

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